Supercharge Club

Learn from the brightest minds, grow your network, and make a lasting impact with a community of influencers and rising leaders in blockchain and crypto.

The Supercharge Club allows blockchain players to expand their blockchain network and advance their presence in the blockchain sphere. Supercharge Club members will foster relationships with one another, allowing for an infinite amount of blockchain knowledge to access at all times.

Exclusive member benefits

Access invite-only events and VIP experiences exclusive for Club members

Supercharge Club members attend invite-only events and enjoy access to select conferences and events at a discounted rate.

Grow your professional network and connect with blockchain influencers, investors, and innovators

Expand your network and circle of influence by attending events organized by Supercharge and our partners, and through our introductions. We conduct weekly reviews of our contacts database and make routine introductions for our members.

Increase business prospects through referrals in our rapidly growing network

Meet your next clients or customers and discover new business opportunities through referrals. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We are stronger when we work together.

Get exclusive access to discounts on all Supercharge services

Enjoy 10-20% discounts for the 20+ services provided by Supercharge, guaranteed.

Learn from the brightest minds in blockchain and crypto

Get advice and insights from blockchain influencers in New York City and beyond. Members will have access to our online training courses and webinars and get invited to private events and gatherings with industry leaders.

Receive personal service from our concierge team

The Supercharge team is fully committed to connecting you with the right people and resources on a regular basis. Need investors in the renewable energy industry? In search of a tech co-founder? Contact us and we will connect you with the right contacts.

Develop lasting friendships and relationships and grow personally and professionally

We fully believe in the promise of blockchain but also understand its tremendous obstacles. By working together, we can make our journey much less challenging and a lot more enjoyable. Grow with our community as you try to change the world.

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